Friday, February 22, 2013

How To Shop For Clock Repair Parts

In the past, clocks were designed and built manually by master craftsmen. The parts of a clock would be made by different craftsmen before being transferred to an assembling area where clocks would be made. Some craftsmen also known as master clock makers, had the knowledge of making all the parts of the clock, but this would take a long time before a clock was ready for the customer.

In modern times, almost all clocks in the world are factory made. The technological advancement has made it possible for manufacturers to accomplish the chain of producing and assembling clocks under one roof. The machines are computerized and manufacturers require far less labor than before. For this reason, a majority of clock makers are engaged in clock repairing.

They are highly skilled in the knowledge of clock parts that vary from antique clocks to modern time clocks and watches. Industrial revolution has made clock parts available at any time one may wish to have them. Clock parts can be sourced from shops dealing in clocks and antiquities, or online.

Before considering buying clock repair parts, you will need to determine the modal and year in which the clock was made. Manufacturers have a habit of changing the nature and size of the parts to protect their patents rights. A clock designed five years ago may look different in design from that designed today this year, even when all are from the same manufacturer and with a similar casing.

It is important to note that varying companies reproduce varying parts of the clock. It might not be possible to repair the motor of a Quartex brand with the parts of an Atomic brand. Therefore, ensure that you shop for the parts from the manufacturer of the clock you will need to be repaired.

Clock parts should not be expensive, unless the clock is highly valued. It will be of good help if you looked at the catalogs of different shops before paying for the parts. This has been made easy by online shopping, since almost all clock repair parts are traded online. The biggest advantage of purchasing clock parts online is that you get a variety of sellers to choose from, and this lowers the costs. Some online companies free give free advice of the parts required and this might be helpful to your clock repairer.

Buying Clock Repair Parts

The biggest hindrance in acquiring clock repair parts is when the manufacturing company is no longer in service. Under such circumstances, your clock repairer must have knowledge of making new clock parts. This problem is mainly encountered by persons dealing in antiques and clock of the past. Repair of such clocks will seem costly and one may need to transport a specialist from a distance away. You can browse for a specialist with the knowledge of a particular clock for which you are seeking repair parts.

Do not get surprised when your clock maker cannot tell the clock repair parts for your clock. This is because modern clocks are digital and made based on the knowledge of microchips. This technology is less than three decades old.

I usually start my search on eBay and Amazon for clock parts.

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